The essential guide to construction management & building en

The essential guide to construction management & building en.

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"This book looks to cover the differences the new professional will encounter as he takes on his new position overseas". The book not only covers the basic technical translations of the items likely to be encountered during your work, but also covers what I would call the "unspoken word" These are cultural differences, such as technical phrases, modern work concepts terminology, standard practices. The book takes the student through all stages of construction and explains in detail the principal phases that the student is expected to understand & know in the new Hi tech and fast changing environment. It will be a good reference book which will enable the student to rapidly adapt to their new environment by helping them understand the basic principles, working practices, descriptions etc which some countries will take for granted. A great aid for the aspiring foreign professional, I only wish it was available when I first came to Spain some 23 years ago! Peter Wilkey FCIOB CIOB Ambassador for Spain & Gibraltar à Este excelente libro es una guía fundamental para los arquitectos españoles u otros profesionales que quieran conocer o desarrollar su labor en un entorno anglosajónà Luis M. Sendra Mengual, Presidente (CTAV) Colegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Valencia à La vocación de internacionalización se ha convertido ahora en una exigencia que debemos atenderà este libro es un importante primer pasoà Rafael Sánchez Grandía, Director ESTIE UPV à Una herramienta útil y una guía eficaz para el profesional de la construcciónà José Ramón Roca Rivera, Presidente del Colegio de Aparejadores, Arquitectos Técnicos e Ingenieros de Edificación de Valencia.